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Call ahead and we will have your bait ready!
you need to spend the day on the water!

With saltwater combos in every price range, we have taken the guess work out of it! From back bay flipping, to offshore popping, we have a rod and reel combo ready for battle! 


Big Boys Bait & Tackle is your One-Stop Shop for all your fishing bait and equipment!
 We promises to be the largest bait and tackle store in the area. The 2,240 square feet of space will allow for the anticipated growth and expansion to include the largest live bait tanks, as well as other bait and gear to cover all aspects of fishing from freshwater to backwater, inshore and offshore.

Co-Owners, Mike Shelton and Fred O’Dell are both long term Florida residents who love living and fishing in the area. Big Boys Bait & Tackle is backed by years of professional fishing experience, in both its ownership and the resources it has aligned itself with. With that in-house expertise, the location will be a source for not only local knowledge of where and how to fish our areas, it will also provide the guidance for purchasing the right equipment from beginners to professional grade. Co-Owner, Mike Shelton shares his personal experiences when guiding customers, “I have fished this area for 25 years and offer a level of customer interaction that is quite uncommon. In fact, Fred and I became friends when he came into a previous shop and was impressed with the time I took with him to make sure he was outfitted correctly. He was able to make an educated purchase that fit his needs for the type of fishing he was interested in doing.” 

Within six months to a year, the expectation is to have the entire space covered with everything from the favorite brands every angler wants; Shimano, Penn, Finor, Star, Van Staal, Okuma etc., to very specific sections to meet every waterway desire. There will be four additional sections including Off Shore, Bass, Dive, and Fly. O’Dell said, “we are very excited about all these new sections and have had great responses to the ideas.” 

In addition to monthly seminars and workshops, there will be a heavy presence of Veteran related support and focus. As a Veteran-owned business, Big Boys Bait & Tackle is in full support of Veterans, especially when there are opportunities to support to other Veteran-owned businesses and Veteran focused organizations. 

Big Boys Bait & Tackle officially opened their doors and held a Grand Opening on Saturday, March 10, 2018. An eager crowd of friends, loyal followers and local Charter Captains were on hand to share in the celebration! 

Big Boys Bait & Tackle aim to meet the needs of customers who seek a high-end shop that can gear them up for whatever fish they are passionate about catching. When fishing in Cape Coral and the surrounding areas, this location is sure to be a destination stop for both locals and visitors alike. Both owners have committed to delivering a full-service experience and strive for excellence and the complete satisfaction of their customers.