Live Baits 
 Fresh Live Shrimp, 
Tarpon Crabs,
Fresh Mullet
Frozen Baits 
 Shrimp, Squid, Sardines, Mullet, 
Tournament Chum

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Fishing Knots
Light-to-heavy line splice, for tying on thicker lines such as shock leaders.

1. Overlap the doubled line (from a Bimini twist) with the end of a heavier leader by 8 inches.  
2. Make six turns around the leader with the doubled line.  
3. Thread the tag end of the leader through the double-line loop above the wraps.  
4. Moisten and pull on the doubled line and the leader; make sure the leader’s tag end doesn’t pop out of the loop.
Line-to-line splice, for joining lines of similar size

1. Overlap the ends of the main line and leader by 12 inches.  
2. Create a large, open overhand knot. Be sure to pull the leader all the way through.  
3. Keep the loop of the overhand knot open as you pass the two lines around the bottom and up through the loop again. Then pass the lines over the top of the loop and back through heading downward.  
4. Take one more turn under the bottom part of the loop and up through the loop again.  
5. Moisten and then pull on all four ends.