Live Baits 
 Fresh Live Shrimp, 
Tarpon Crabs,
Fresh Mullet
Frozen Baits 
 Shrimp, Squid, Sardines, Mullet, 
Tournament Chum

Call ahead and we will have your bait ready!
Fishing Tips
Where fish live & feed

Fish love to swim off sandbars, in deep edges, in weed beds and around sunken islands. They also swim near artificial structures such as boat docks or piers and around natural cover such as fallen trees. Get a map of the of your area if possible. It will help you locate some of these popular fish locations.

Bait and Tackle Shops offer local maps and we keep abreast of the local Hot Spots
Rod, Reel and Line

Start with a spin casting reel (the one with the push button on the back) rigged with 10-pound-test monofilament and a 5- to 5 ½-foot, two-piece rod with light action. This outfit is easy to use and transport,
 and it will cast light lures.

Other items for a pleasant fishing trip
Cold drinks, Lots of snacks, Sunscreen, Camera, Flashlight, Batteries, Fishing cap, Sunglasses