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 Shrimp, Squid, Sardines, Mullet, 
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Call ahead and we will have your bait ready!
We offer a bunch of different live baits.  Our Live Baits include Shrimp, Pin Fish and Crabs.  We have also included 5 tips on how to hook your live bait on the following 2 pages! Hope this helps and have a great time on the waters of SW. Florida
Tip 1: Nostrils

Whether you are fishing a hardtail, menhaden, pinfish, goggle-eye, pilchard or herring, “nostril hooking” restricts less of their natural action.

This is ideal for surface live-baiting, such as when drifting offshore, around bait schools, and through inlets and passes for surface-oriented fish. When nostril-hooked, the bait swims at or near the surface, keeping pace with the boat’s drift or slow-trolling rate.
Tip 2: Dorsal

Hooking a bait in front of its -dorsal is deadly for kite-fishing, slow-trolling and still-drifting; it generates ­action, and the aft placement nabs “­short-striking” fish.

Hooking in front of the dorsal fin forces a bait to swim head-down and more frantically. These “distress” ­vibrations draw strikes. The swimming attitude is like a deep-diving swimming plug.
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