You'll improve hydration

Pure, plain carbonated water is still water and can help you stay hydrated

You may enjoy drinking water more

The fizz of carbonated water makes it seem more enjoyable than drinking plain water.

It may bloat your belly

When you drink carbonated water, you swallow more air than you normally would by eating or drinking anything else

You might gain weight

artificial sweeteners can have negative effects on digestive health and blood sugar levels

You may lose weight

Zero-calorie diet soda is essentially carbonated water with coloring and an artificial sweetener added.

 It may erode your teeth

Not to the extent that drinking lots of soda will, but, yes, unsweetened carbonated water can contribute to cavities.

It may make you more alert

When the summer sun is beating down and you're sweating, a drink of either plain water or carbonated water will rehydrate you.

Some may cause health problems

Some seltzers and carbonated waters contain potentially unhealthy levels of synthetic PFAS chemicals